Let's keep the discussion going! If you have any reflections on DCWA meetings or would like to post on the happenings within and surrounding the watershed, here is your chance!

Or some discussion topic ideas:
  • "Lesser of Two Weevils" (Tom Tisue, proposed by Erika Arndt) Check out: http://michiganlakeinfo.com/?p=524
  • "Why Are There No Longer Zebra/Quagga Mussels Alive in Duck Lake?" (Tom Tisue)
  • Have the efforts of our macro-invertebrate sampling resulted in positive indicators of good water quality? I think we have identified organisms which are sensitive to water pollution, such as abundant caddisfly, which is a good sign, and perhaps we should present these findings to the townships; as well as a progress report of when the management plan draft might be ready for review.